Every photo shoot comes with different requirements and a budget. Working with me, you can expect professionalism, creativity, and a passion to produce memorable artwork. I always arrive on set hair and makeup ready (unless you're providing those services) and with energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to shoot. I am the most fearless and willing model you will ever meet, and my references can testify to this statement. 

My current, starting rates are listed below. Depending on your location, I may also ask you to cover some travel expenses. Please note that this is just a starting point. I'm always open to negotiating a rate that better fits your project's budget.

Hourly Rates

Clothed, Lingerie, Swimwear: $50/hour with a one-hour minimum booking

Implied to Full Nudity: $90/hour with a one-hour minimum booking

Day Rates

Clothed, Lingerie, Swimwear: $400

Implied to Full Nudity: $720

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