The girl is striking and has talent. She is an artist and can adapt. I loved working with her and will seek out more shoots with her. 

Original Source: Instagram


Vince Williams

Alex was great to work with. She poses effortlessly and is great with input. I personally am looking forward to working with her again. Book her if you can.

Original Source: Model Mayhem


Greg from Malu Minse Photography 

[Alex] has all the key qualities I look for in a model: professional, timely communications, easy going, intrepid, energetic, open to feedback and direction, but also quite intuitive and comfortable with minimal guidance.

Original Source: Model Mayhem


Ken from Ken Mil Photography

Alex is a very talented model whose combination of creativity and professionalism make her a joy to work with. I am looking forward to working with her again and highly recommend her to anyone considering working with her.

Original Source: Model Mayhem


Pariah from Pariah Photography

In a word: Awesome! She arrived to the shoot before appointed time. Hair, makeup and wardrobe exactly as I'd asked. Excellent communication skills and took direction flawlessly. The only 'dilemma' I've had is choosing what images to 'work', as there are SO many great shots... I couldn't be more pleased with the shoot, start to finish. If you have an opportunity to photograph Alex, do it. You'll be happy you did. I certainly am! I can't wait to book her time again.

Original Source: Model Mayhem


Olivier from F-Stop Photography

Very successful shoot with Alex, who approached the shoot very professionally and made the whole experience a success. Highly recommended!

Original Source: Model Mayhem


John Frick


Chuck from C.L. Brazier Photography

Alex is amazing to work with. She has the drive and ambition to make ever[y] shot work. To add she's cool as hell, on time, and replies to messages! An amazing young lady to work with!

Original Source: Model Mayhem


TJ from 88 Angles Photography

Underestimated and versatile model! Incredible ability to turn a simple pic into a complex expression of artistic emotion and beauty. Great shoot! Too many awesome pics to choose from.

Original Source: Instagram

Alex has come a LONG way in a short time... She is very reliable and professional... She will enhance any project that you have for her...

Original Source: Model Mayhem


Martin from Tatsumi Saiga Photography

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